[coyotos-dev] build error

Jonathan S. Shapiro shap at eros-os.com
Tue Jun 19 11:15:44 EDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-06-19 at 07:46 -0700, Charles Landau wrote:

> The input is from your coyotos source:
> coyotos/src/base/idl/builder.idl
> Did that - same error, on the second make command.
> The failing command was:
> ../../ccs/capidl/BUILD/capidl -I. -I/home/clandau/coyotos/usr/idl -D 
> BUILD/h -l c-header builder.idl

Very strange, because this is working fine here -- and I just pulled the
tree with 'make destructive-sync' to check. Did you run 'make sync' or
'make destructive-sync'?

Is it possible that there is a stale hand-built coyotos cross
environment in your path? Try "which i386-unknown-coyotos-gcc". It
should not be found in your path.

Finally, it is distantly possible (because you have not been updating)
that you have a stale libsherpa RPM from a *very* old set of cross
tools. That package was obsoleted, but if you missed the intervening
updates it may not have been deleted when it should have been. Because
of this, I suggest that you remove and re-install the coyotos cross
tools. Easiest way to do this is

  rpm -e `rpm -q -a|grep coyotos`
  yum install coyotos-i386-xenv


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