[coyotos-dev] Required flex version

James Graves ansible at xnet.com
Mon Nov 20 13:25:47 CST 2006

Tom Bachmann <e_mc_h2 at web.de> wrote:

> If I recall correctly (I cannot find the specific mail), it is a known
> problem that building coyotos requires some specific (<2.5.33 at least)
> flex version. I just want to be sure. 

You want flex version 2.5.4a.  This is the package flex-old on Debian 
GNU/Linux, and it is likely available for other distrobutions too.

I don't really like installing it, because it conflicts with the regular 
flex package.  I prefer to compile it myself, and just make sure the 
installation path is ahead of /usr/bin/ when I need it.

James Graves

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