[bitc-dev] String encoding, again

Ben Kloosterman bklooste at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 23:27:15 PDT 2011

Allows string to be programmer friendly  and Ustring for indexing
performance. Why define the views ? Some string implementations may not
support direct indexing ie only vs higher levels  or is GetUString8()  ,
GetUString16() or GetUString32() regarded as a view ?


Question why not define Ustring as a vector /array ? This makes it clear


String should wrap or at least support Ustring

The vector is used for interop  




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In the interest of progress, I am going to concede defeat on the problem of
strings. In the interest of progress, I propose to adopt the following

*	Instances of the BitC type String contains a sequence of Unicode
code points. This is a well-formedness constraint, and it is a requirement
that all string manipulation functions maintain it.
*	The internal encoding of a String is unspecified, but will be
selected by the implementation to optimize for space.
*	Indexing operations on Strings operate in no worse than linear time.
*	Indexing operations will be provided on Strings providing views
corresponding to ucs1, ucs2, and ucs4 code units.
*	Instances of the BitC type UString likewise contain a sequence of
Unicode code points.
*	A UString is indexed only on code points.
*	A UString is required to provide constant-time indexing on code

Violent objections?


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