[bitc-dev] Syntax Poll: Scoping Syntax

Geoffrey Irving irving at naml.us
Thu Mar 5 12:40:31 EST 2009

On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 9:36 AM, Jonathan S. Shapiro <shap at eros-os.com> wrote:
> Binding forms that introduce inner scopes should be distinct from
> those that merely append definitions to the current scope. I do
> understand that appending actually does introduce a new scope. The
> issue is that in one type of form the scopes end in the same place,
> where in the other they do not.
> I'm currently inclined to favor a syntax very similar to OCaml:
>  let BINDING { and BINDING } in EXPR end
> and other forms similarly.

What would be the syntax for appending a definition to the current scope?


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