[bitc-dev] Where Has shap Been Hiding?

Mark P. Jones mpj at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Apr 6 02:38:49 EDT 2009

Well this certainly comes as a surprise ... but congratulations
on your new position!  And unless Microsoft is more distributed
than I realize, I hope that your move out to the Pacific Northwest
will be as smooth and easy as possible.  Perhaps this might even
provide an opportunity for a visit to Portland in the not too
distant future?  :-)

All the best,

On Apr 3, 2009, at 12:20 PM, Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:

> Some of you will have noticed that I have been conspicuously silent  
> over the last three or four weeks. I have spent much of that time  
> airborne, or in interviews at Google, Microsoft, and DARPA.
> After a fair bit of soul-searching, I have decided to accept a  
> fairly senior position at Microsoft associated with the Midori  
> project. The current plan has me starting there at the beginning of  
> August.
> This means, among other issues, that we will be wrapping up the BitC  
> project. While I will be trying hard to get all of the planned  
> features for the initial release completed before I depart, that may  
> not turn out to be possible. I have asked Microsoft if we can keep  
> the various web sites alive for archival access and the mailing  
> list, but I should also ask if there is anyone out there who would  
> be interested to assume more active stewardship of the BitC project.  
> I emphasize that unless management at Microsoft concludes otherwise,  
> I will no longer be able to participate actively in these  
> discussions. Also, in the event that MS does not permit archival  
> maintainence, would somebody be willing to take over hosting the  
> content?
> I have also asked MS for permission to publish papers about BitC on  
> my own time. They granted this permission to Swaroop, and I see no  
> reason that they should decline this, but my position there is a bit  
> more sensitive and they may see issues that I do not.
> In the meantime, I need to get back to packing and hacking.
> Best regards,
> Jonathan
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