[bitc-dev] [Patch] automatic setting of Option::SystemDirs

Thomas Kuehne thomas at kuehne.cn
Wed Dec 3 10:21:59 CST 2008

On Wednesday 03 December 2008, Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:


> It seems to me that if the *discovered location* of the bitcc
> executable matches the location specified to configure, then we
> should assume that the value of LIBDIR provided by configure are
> correct.The reason we need to do this is that we need to be able to
> honor perverse uses of configure when the package is *not*
> relocated.

And that's where autoconf strikes, LIBDIR isn't known during 
"make all".

# Installation directory options.
# These are left unexpanded so users can "make install 
# exec_prefix=/foo" and all the variables that are supposed to be
# based on exec_prefix by default will actually change.


(gdb) print AUTOCONF_LIBDIR 
$1 = 0x58a8ce "${exec_prefix}/lib64"

as bitcc.cxx isn't recompiled and re-linked during "make install".


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