[bitc-dev] Standard library and Coyotos syscals

Pierre THIERRY nowhere.man at levallois.eu.org
Tue Jan 16 00:18:11 CST 2007

Scribit Jonathan S. Shapiro dies 15/01/2007 hora 12:15:
> I think you have a bunch of things mixed up. I suspect that this is
> more a Coyotos question than a BitC question, but I will answer it
> here.

I think I didn't realize that sender and receive block are just in the
address space of the process, and so don't need any special instruction
to be read or written. And IIUC, they would be allocated by the process
itself, so it doesn't need any help from anyone to access them...

> The virtual registers page [...] is simply a BitC structure in a
> special heap.  It is not subject to garbage collection.

Why not subject to GC?

> Finally, an invocation will *initially* look like:
>     method(cap, args) => result
> because BitC is not an OO language.

Well, now that I'm a Lisp zealot, I won't be bothered by such a

BTW, is it still planned to switch to a less lispy syntax or the current
syntax will finally remain?

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