[bitc-dev] RFC: interfaces

Constantine Plotnikov cap at isg.axmor.com
Sun Aug 28 07:41:43 EDT 2005

I hope that that the section will answer the following questions:
- What are different memory classes supported? (so far single heap and 
per thread stack as I understand, but there might be other memory 
classes like constant pool)
- When stack and heap memory are alloacted? (list of memory allocation 
primitives possibly with just references to other sections of the 
- When and how memory is deallocated? (spec seems to assume garbage 
collector, but it is not spelled out explicitly)
- Any rules for referecing memory locations? For example, could value at 
botton of stack refer to value at top of stack (with boundary cases like 
- What is cannonical mapping from values to bytes?

Parts of this information is spreaded across the specification, other 
seems to be assumed. I would like to see such information in one place.


Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-07-01 at 21:53 +0700, Constantine Plotnikov wrote:
>>I'm still waiting for memory model specification...
>We definitely need to address issues of representation, but if there are
>specific things that you want to know, I wonder if you could provide a
>sense of what they are. That way, when we write that section we can try
>to get more of them answered with less confusion.
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