[bitc-dev] Tuple => Pair

Swaroop Sridhar swaroop.sridhar at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 16:55:59 EDT 2005

Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:
> For several days, Swaroop and I have been looking at the current TUPLE
> type thinking that we made a mistake. ...

> 1. Collapse the bindingPattern and valuePattern productions for purposes
> of parsing, and then do a sanity check in the symbol resolver to ensure
> that literals do not appear in bindingPatterns and that all binding
> patterns of the form
>   (id pat pat pat)
> satisfy the restriction that ID must be a structure type and the PAT's
> must (recursively) be binding patterns.
This is not too bad. It needs very minimum type information, and in 
practice can be done in the symbol resolver itself.

Some difficulty might arise if we someday reintroduce deftype into the 


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