Web-based Installation for Windows

No, we are certainly not going to overwrite your windows installation simply because you visited this web page. Technically, it could be done. There have been malicious web pages on the internet at various times that demonstrate how take over the visiting machine in all the ways that would be necessary to re-install your operating system right now, while you enjoy your beverage of choice.

For users who actually wanted to install Coyotos, it would even be a very convenient way to get them going.

Unfortunately, there are too many ways that unscrupulous people could get innocent victims to come visit the Coyotos installer page unintentionally. Those users would understandably get very upset. In light of this, we've decided that it might be better to let somebody else provide the first web-based Windows replacement technology.

But it really could be done, and that seems like food for thought. And perhaps a reason to keep an eye on Coyotos for the future.